Financial Planning

Very simply we help you achieve financial peace of mind.

You may have ideas about what you want to do during your retirement, or vague notions about your finances. Our role is to help turn these ideas into a simple yet effective strategy for your future financial security.

It’s about helping you to achieve financial freedom.


The basics of investing - what does a financial planner do?


Managing your wealth

You want to be able to enjoy the best lifestyle possible and Wealth Matters can help protect what you have worked hard to create, whether you are still working or approaching retirement.

Wealth Matters uses proven and well-established techniques to protect the value of your wealth, hopefully grow it, and simultaneously produce an income when you need it.

Planning for later life

There’s a special focus on preparing for retirement, because that’s when your preferred lifestyle has to be maintained on the income generated by investments, savings and pensions alone.

By understanding how you want to spend your retirement, we can develop an investment strategy to help you realise those ideas.


There are six stages to financial planning. We talk through them in detail below.

The Six Stages


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