Paul and Pauline Woodroffe

Paul was a senior executive at British Telecom and Pauline a freelance contractor specialising in marketing. They live in Woking, Surrey. is fair to say we didn’t have a plan

We first met Julian about 8 years ago. Financial independence was our goal, but it’s fair to say we didn’t have a plan, nor indeed any real of how we could ever achieve it.

Since our first meeting with Julian our finances started to transform and in a pretty dramatic fashion. He encouraged us to invest more sensibly, with his advice taking into consideration what was important to us. The Transact platform that he uses has made a significant difference to our goal…..indeed as we approach ‘major birthday’ our goal is achieved, his last comment to us was write down your bucket list and go do it.

The key difference in Julian’s approach to others we have met in the past is that he listens to your goals, developing a plan that suits you and gets you to where you want to be. We’d have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Julian….and would like to say thank you.