Peter and Sheila Whiteland

Peter and Sheila are from Essex. Peter was an engineer for the Post Office and Sheila worked for Ironmongery Direct.

one of us said: Would you like to live here when we retire?

Life sure is good.

When we married in 1981 our main aims were to buy a house and save for our retirement (which was planned for 2015). Peter would be 60 that year and I would be 55 – a good age to give up work. So, we set off on our path to retirement. We saved every month without much planning just putting it into the Building Society as you do.

Then in 1997 lying on a white sandy beach looking at crystal clear waters in Grenada one of us said: "would you like to live here when we retire?"

"Yes why not".

We both thought this was a funny joke between us. Suddenly our thoughts kicked in and we no longer looked at it as a joke but a real possibility. Time ticked by and we continued to save in our little book.

Then one day we went shopping with a friend in Milton Keynes and as luck would have it there was Marcos Kallou from Wealth Matters, giving advice on all that matters financially. We then met Julian Gilbert who helped and advised us to move our money from the building society to more suitably rewarding investments. He was a true inspiration.



We continued to look for a suitable island to live on in the Caribbean and in 2002 we visited Aruba and knew this was the place for us. Then on New Year’s Eve 2011, I asked Peter what we were saving our money for. His response was "our retirement of course". "Yes but why not retire early" I said. We quickly got in contact with Julian and arranged a meeting to review our best plan of action.

So with thanks to the chance meeting with Marcos, and much help from Julian, we retired in December 2012 and moved to our dream place in June 2013. Now here we are, living our dream, pure white sand and crystal clear seas a 15 minute walk away, sunshine nearly every day, light warm breezes - You get the picture.

We are still waiting for Julian to come check it out!

Very Happy Retirees

Sheila & Peter Whiteland